Frequently asked questions

What is Next-Gen Leather?

We are a biotechnology company developing new textile materials to substitute animal-source leather.

Is Corium real leather?

No. By definition, leather is made from animal skin. Our product, although almost indistinguishable from leather, is produced biotechnologically, completely free of animal harm.

How is Corium made?

Corium is produced by bacteria, cultured without land or chemicals, and using much less water and energy.

Is Corium biodegradable?


Is Corium vegan?


How does Corium feel to the touch?

Just like natural leather. Our material is versatile, strong and soft at touch. Read a full description of Corium here.

Can I buy Corium?

At Next-Gen Leather we can offer both leather supply and licensing agreements. If you are interested in using Corium for your products, get in touch with us.